English Integration Manual

We are very pleased to offer you the option to easily integrate our online product catalogue in your website.

This way you can show your customers directly which models and colours you have on offer.

We will display in 3 simple steps, how you can integrate the catalogue of your choose in your website.

We centrally maintain the catalogue and update it: you only need to integrate this site once and we will take care of the rest.

New: Online Catalog Promo Material for your website / social media

Create a new subpage

and insert the following unformatted code as the only content:
<iframe id="myIframe" style="border: none; margin: 0 auto; max-width: 1200px; display: block;" src="https://catalog.continentalclothing.de/" width="100%" height="auto"></iframe>
<script>iFrameResize({ log: true }, '#myIframe')</script>

Please replace the URL in the above code with the URL of the preferred catalogue:

Our complete range: https://catalog.continentalclothing.de/

Organic collection: https://organic.continentalclothing.de/

Brand EarthPositive®: https://earthpositive.continentalclothing.de/

Brand Continental®: https://continental.continentalclothing.de/

Brand Salvage®: https://salvage.continentalclothing.de/

Brand FairShare®: https://fairshare.continentalclothing.de/

  • The subpage must have a complete white background without any frames either on the right or on the left side
  • Your normal headers and footers with important navigation menus, as well as links to imprint and privacy statement should be still visible as usual.
  • Suggestion for the H1 page title: Continental Clothing oder Continental Clothing Catalog
  • Suggestion for the URL: HOMEPAGE.DE/continental-clothing-katalog
  • Suggestion for SEO title: Continental Clothing Katalog – IHRE FIRMENNAME
  • Suggestion for SEO meta description: Aktueller Continental Clothing Katalog mit Marken EarthPositive®, Continental®, Salvage®, FairShare®

Upload “iframeResizer”


  • Download the compressed „iframe.zip“-file and unzip it.
  • Please use a FTP-Client (e.g. FileZilla – free – or PLESK) to upload the extracted folder “iframe” with its complete content to your hosting space. The folder can be uploaded in the CMS main directory or somewhere else. Please make sure you remember the exact location.

Please note the exact location for step 3

Load “iframeResizer.js” in the website header

<script src="https://HOMEPAGE.DE/iframe/js/iframeResizer.js"></script>

The link built in the above code must match the URL you have noted in STEP 2. Please replace HOMEPAGE.DE with a path that leads to the uploaded iframeResizer folder in your hosting.

This script must be loaded in the webpage header (<head> element) – and not in the footer

Please also add the following paragraph to your data privacy policy. Please replace LINK with the link leading directly to our catalogue on your website (all version of our catalogue share the same statement).

Continental Clothing Katalog

Auf der Unterseite für den Continental Clothing Katalog (Katalog LINK einfügen) wird der externe Inhalt per iframe geladen. Der Inhalt wird bereitgestellt und verwaltet von der Continental Clothing Company GmbH mit Sitz in Kopenhagener Str. 35-57 13407 Berlin. Um die technische Funktionalität zu ermöglichen, wird die IP-Adresse an den Server von Continental Clothing übertragen, aber nicht gespeichert. Andere Persönliche Daten werden nicht erfasst. Es werden keine Cookies von Continental Clothing gespeichert. Außer dem Webhost Webgo GmbH mit Sitz in Wandsbeker Zollstr. 95 22041 Hamburg, werden keine Daten an externe Dienstleister übertragen. Keine Daten werden ins Ausland gesendet.

  • Tip: This code can also be loaded solely on the subpage where you integrated our catalog – but it still must be loaded in <head> element. Alternatively, it will be loaded on all pages of your website. This doesn’t influence the rendering of your other pages, but theoretically this can have a minimal influence on your page loading times and simultaneously on your SEO- / user friendliness.

Test the functionality of your created catalogue subpages

Please use the following examples for comparison

We would be greatful for your message to bart@continentalclothing.de, if you have decided to integrate our catalogue on your website.


Catalog Ladezeiten Google 2020

  • Loading times: the integrated catalogue shouldn’t influence your loading times. At the moment, the loading times of just the catalog on the mobile phones and PC screens lie between 95 – 99 points (do a Google Pagespeed Test)
  • Tip: the integrated software “iframeResizer” currently offers no possiblity to “scroll” the screen back up after loading the content after click (e.g. after loading the contents of a single product after click). In that case it is likely, that the user will have scroll up to see the full content of the catalogue, since only your webpage’s footer might be visible after loading. We are already looking for a solution to this.
  • Tip: outdated web browsers might not display all features correctly, for example the animation might appear slightly different.
  • You can also use the original source for downloading the iframeResizer software: https://github.com/davidjbradshaw/iframe-resizer. Please note: since this software should be regularly updated, consistency in compatibility with our catalogue cannot be guaranteed for unlimited time, if you use this original source.
  • Licence holder iframeResizer: Copyright © 2013-20 David J. Bradshaw. Licensed under the MIT License.
  • Licence iframeResizer: https://github.com/davidjbradshaw/iframe-resizer/blob/master/LICENSE